How to Soften Red Heart Yarn (and Other Itchy, Acrylic Yarn)

How to Soften Red Yarn (and Other Acrylic) Yarn

Buying yarn for your hobby can be expensive. Many people enjoy crocheting and knitting, but they cannot afford to buy pricey yarn. Some of them utilize coupons and discounts to make these nice yarns cheaper. Others must resort to another method, and buy the cheaper, acrylic yarns. Red Heart Super Saver (RH SS) yarn is a popular brand of acrylic… Read more »

How to Make Your Own Ergonomic Crochet Hook

How to Make Your Own Ergonomic Crochet Hook, DIY Polymer Clay Crochet Hook

Does your hand cramp up when crocheting? Do you feel pain in your hand when holding your tiny crochet hook? Have arthritis that flares up when your crochet? An ergonomic crochet hook may be the answer to all of your problems! In the crochet industry, ergonomic is used to describe a particular style of crochet hook. Ergonomic hooks are utilized… Read more »

How to Paint DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

With the weather getting nicer, I was finally able to paint my DIY yarn swift and niddy noddy! For those of you who know about my PVC yarn swift and niddy noddy, feel free to skip right onto how to paint your DIY yarn swift and niddy noddy. For all of my new readers, check out my tutorials on how… Read more »

How to Select a Color Palette [Introduction to Color Schemes]

How to Select a Color Palette [Introduction to Color Schemes]

Choosing a color palette can be one of the most difficult decisions when completing a needle art project. What colors go best together? Do these colors work well together? Would my friend like these colors? This post addresses the basics of selecting a color scheme for your yarn creations with the help of the color wheel. Within the color theory,… Read more »

Connect with Us!

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Dances with Yarn is starting to expand our social media usage to connect with our readers! We love to hear about all the new, unique techniques and content in the needle arts. Connect with us on the following social media platforms: Facebook Pinterest Ravelry Stumbleupon Bloglovin Do you have your own blog? How about Facebook Page, Ravelry, Pinterest, etc.? Comment… Read more »

DIY Yarn Swift: How to Make Your Own Yarn Swift

A yarn swift is a rotating device that is used in the process of winding yarn. The hank is placed on the yarn swift, and it then rotates as the yarn is being pulled off and wound on the ball winder. There are some pretty creative ways to make your own yarn swift (I found a blog that used a… Read more »

DIY Niddy Noddy: How to Make Your Own Niddy Noddy

A niddy noddy is used to create hanks for winding your yarn. I have seen many simple ways to create your own version, even by using two chairs at the price of $0! However, I wanted to make a more mobile version that would fit nicely in my craft room. After doing some research, I came across a PVC pipe… Read more »

Tips on How to Earn Swagbucks

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How to Earn Swagbucks - List of Tips on How to Earn SB by Dances with Yarn

Swagbucks is a website that allows you to earn Swagbucks (SB) points through various methods including watching videos, conducting surveys, playing games, shopping online, and even searching the internet. As you rack up points, you can redeem those points in the form of gift cards; they even have visa gift cards so you can use them online wherever! 100 points… Read more »

6 Quick Tips on How to Save Money on Yarn

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6 Quick Tips on How to Save Money on Yarn by Dances with Yarn

As a broke college student, I try to save money whenever I can. Many people tell me to cut things out, or be more frugal with my spending, but I cannot bring myself to cut out one of my favorite hobbies! Yes, crocheting/knitting is an expensive hobby. However, there are several ways to save a few bucks on something you… Read more »

DIY Yarn Bowl: How to Make Your Own Yarn Bowl

DIY Yarn Bowl: How to Make Your Own Yarn Bowl by Dances with Yarn

All avid crocheters and knitters have gawked at the gorgeous yarn bowls at craft shows and on Etsy. You gaze upon the gorgeous piece of pottery and begin to think about how much easier your life would be with one of those yarn bowls. No more chasing free rollin’ yarn, or watching a ball of yarn fall of the table… Read more »