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How to Select a Color Palette [Introduction to Color Schemes]

How to Select a Color Palette [Introduction to Color Schemes]

Choosing a color palette can be one of the most difficult decisions when completing a needle art project. What colors go best together? Do these colors work well together? Would my friend like these colors? This post addresses the basics of selecting a color scheme for your yarn creations with the help of the color wheel. Within the color theory,… Read more »

Connect with Us!

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Dances with Yarn is starting to expand our social media usage to connect with our readers! We love to hear about all the new, unique techniques and content in the needle arts. Connect with us on the following social media platforms: Facebook Pinterest Ravelry Stumbleupon Bloglovin Do you have your own blog? How about Facebook Page, Ravelry, Pinterest, etc.? Comment… Read more »

DIY Yarn Swift: How to Make Your Own Yarn Swift

A yarn swift is a rotating device that is used in the process of winding yarn. The hank is placed on the yarn swift, and it then rotates as the yarn is being pulled off and wound on the ball winder. There are some pretty creative ways to make your own yarn swift (I found a blog that used a… Read more »