DIY Niddy Noddy: How to Make Your Own Niddy Noddy

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.20.39 PM How to Make Your Own Niddy Noddy by Dances with Yarn

A niddy noddy is used to create hanks for winding your yarn. I have seen many simple ways to create your own version, even by using two chairs at the price of $0! However, I wanted to make a more mobile version that would fit nicely in my craft room. After doing some research, I came across a PVC pipe version that was pretty ingenious. PVC pipe is pretty cheap, and I have a boyfriend that has the power tools required for the job! So, without further ado, here is how I made my own niddy noddy.

NOTE: My niddy noddy was created following the instructions from another blogger’s, with a few modifications. The original design can be found here:

(1) ½ inch x 5 ft. PVC Pipe
(2) ½ inch Tee Fitting
(2) ½ inch Adapter à This is not needed if you can find all slip fit fittings (I will explain this later)
(4) ½ inch Slip Cap

Additional Suggested Supplies
Sawzall or Pipe Cutter
Hand-held Drill
Sand Paper or PVC Cleaner
Plastic Spray Paint à I am waiting until it gets warmer before I do this!


  1. Cut 4 x 4.5 inch pieces of PVC. These will be the four short arm pieces on the Niddy Noddy (labeled A, B, C, D in the picture below).
  2. Cut the body piece (labeled E in the picture below). The body piece can be whatever length fits your needs. For a 1 yard hank, make the body 5.5 inches. For a 2 yard hank, make the body 15 inches.

***Note: If you do not have a pipe cutter or a sawzall, have the hardware store cut the pieces to the required length. After cutting these pieces, you might need to smooth out the rough edges with sandpaper.***

  1. Insert pieces A and B (short arm pieces) into a tee fitting. Insert pieces C and D (short arm pieces) into a tee fitting.
  2. Insert both tee pieces into the long body piece (E).
  3. Your Niddy Noddy should now look like the letter “I”. Turn one end of the “I” 90 degrees.
  4. Add slip caps to ends of all short arm pieces (A, B, C, and D). Now you have a functional Niddy Noddy!

How to Make Your Own Niddy Noddy by Dances with Yarn

Additional Instructions
Removing PVC Pipe Lettering – Use sand paper to remove lettering from the pipe or PVC cleaner
Drilling Holes in Arms – I drilled holes in each of the arms. This allows me to fasten yarn into the hole if I so choose.
Painting Your Niddy Noddy – Take apart Niddy Noddy. Lightly sand each of the PVC pieces. Select a plastic spray paint. Take your pieces out to a spray paint friendly area, and spray each of the pieces individually. You may need to spray paint two coats to fully cover each piece. Wait for the paint to dry. You might choose to add a clear coat for extra shine. Make sure it is a plastic clear spray paint. Re-assemble the Niddy Noddy.

Let’s break down our cost…

Total Cost for Me: $4.83
(1) ½ inch x 5 ft. PVC Pipe [$1.25]
(2) ½ inch Tee Fitting [$0.66 x 2 = $1.32]
(2) ½ inch Adapter [$0.37 x 2 = $0.74]
(4) ½ inch Slip Cap [$0.38 x 4 = $1.52]
Typical Niddy Noddy Cost: $20-40 (Avg. ~$25) on Etsy excluding shipping
Savings: $15.17-$35.17

***Note: To actually calculate total savings, we would need to factor in other costs including labor and time spent working on this project. However, I do not consider time and labor as costs, because it is a hobby that I enjoy J ***

Know how to make your own Niddy Noddy? Comment below!

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