Tips on How to Earn Swagbucks

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How to Earn Swagbucks - List of Tips on How to Earn SB by Dances with Yarn

Swagbucks is a website that allows you to earn Swagbucks (SB) points through various methods including watching videos, conducting surveys, playing games, shopping online, and even searching the internet. As you rack up points, you can redeem those points in the form of gift cards; they even have visa gift cards so you can use them online wherever! 100 points is equivalent to $1.

If you are interested in joining, click this link.

Below are some tips on how I earn Swagbucks!

Higher SB amount earnings:

  • Enter the code: FRUGALGIRL80
    • This automatically gives you 110 SB points! However, you must enter this code as soon as you create an account, as it is for new members only. Codes are case sensitive.
  • Shop online
    • Make your online purchases through Swagbucks and earn a percentage back in SB (like 8SB for every $1 spent)
    • The best part is, they had deals for your favorite crafting websites including JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, abd
  • Download the SB toolbar for your computer
    • Just doing this gives you 50 SB points! It is just a little button on the toolbar that you don’t even notice. If you don’t want it there, just delete it after you get the 50SB.
  • Invite your friends to Swagbucks
    • If you invite your friends to Swagbucks, on any of the points they earn, you earn an equivalent of 10%.
  • Online searches
    • Make swagbucks your default search engine and when you search for thing on this search engine you can earn 4-25 SB
    • The rewards are random, but I usually find them 3 times/day (morning, mid-day, and evening)
    • Searching over and over and over again won’t get you more SB results. After you earned it once for that time of day, you won’t earn more until later
  • Discover
    • Click on discover on the left side of the home page
    • You can find several good offers under Free Offers and Sponsored offers that pay quite a bit of SB. Just sign up for free trials or for other things. I got quite a few SB for signing up for Bing Rewards. Just make sure to do what they say in order to get your points.
  • Play Games
    • Under discover and sponsored offers, some of the sections have games you can play online that pay 50-120 SB.
  • Answer Surveys
    • Answering surveys can get your quite a bit of SB! I have seen some surveys that will offer up to 110 SB! However, you must qualify for the surveys you begin. If you don’t, you only get credited 1 SB for attempting. I have not found many that I qualify for, so this can be

Lower SB amount earnings:

  • Download the SB app to your phone
    • Watch 6 videos to earn 2 SB points. They let you earn 10 SB points before saying you have met your limit, but they also give you the opportunity for bonuses.
  • Do the daily activities
    • Daily Poll for 1 SB (you can do this one on the mobile app)
    • Daily Crave for 2 SB (must do on your computer)
    • Daily Offer (NOSO) for 2 SB (must do on your computer)
  • Play free games
    • Click the play button on the left sidebar
    • Scroll down and click Swagbuck games
    • These do not require you to purchase anything in the app and you can earn 2SB for every other game you play (and can earn up to 10 SB every day). I recommend playing ____ to get your 10SB for the day.
      • Keep in mind, no matter how long you play the game, you only get 2 SB every other turn. Just make sure you give ~30 seconds between each game.
    • Print and use coupons through Swagbucks
      • There is a coupon area under the shop section.
      • You may browse and print coupons that fit your needs.
      • Every coupon you use gets you 10 SB.
      • Remember, there are store specific coupons too

Already have a Swagbucks account? Share with us how you earn Swagbucks! Prefer another survey/online earning site? Share that with us too! Leave your comments below 🙂


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