How to Paint DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

How to Paint DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

With the weather getting nicer, I was finally able to paint my DIY yarn swift and niddy noddy! For those of you who know about my PVC yarn swift and niddy noddy, feel free to skip right onto how to paint your DIY yarn swift and niddy noddy. For all of my new readers, check out my tutorials on how to make your own yarn swift and niddy noddy out of PVC pipe! This is an affordable way to begin winding your own yarn!

DIY Yarn Swift

DIY Niddy Noddy

Plastic Spray Paint
Flat Surface to Paint On

Optional Supplies
Sand Paper or PVC Cleaner

1) Prep your yarn swift and niddy noddy
**Take apart the yarn swift – unscrew the lazy susan from the PVC. You will not paint this; it will stick if you do. If you so choose, remove lettering from PVC pipe. The best way to do this is with PVC cleaner to avoid rough patches by sand paper. It is only truly necessary to remove lettering if your paint is lighter colored.**
2) Pick your flat, clear surface to spray paint on. Grass works okay (can get stuck to PVC while), but newspaper on cement is better.
3) Prep this surface however you need or choose to.
4) Lay out your PVC pieces on your surface and prepare to paint. Make sure the PVC pipe is clean and free of dust.
5) Start by spraying very thin layers to avoid paint from dripping or globing up. Wait before each layer is dry before covering it with another layer. It will take multiple layers to make sure one side is entirely covered.
**NOTE: Make sure to read the can of spray paint for how long a coat takes to dry. The thinner the coat, the less time it takes.**
6) Once one side is completely covered, rotate and continue coating the PVC.
7) After the PVC is completely dried, screw the lazy susan back on the swift.
8) Take pictures of your master pieces and comment below 🙂

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