Privacy Policy

The following information is the privacy policy for the blog, Dancing with Yarn. If you have any questions regarding the clarity of this policy, do not hesitate to email with questions.

Dances with Yarn does not collect personal information for selling or distribution to other third parties, and does not keep any tracking information on your visits. However, our site host, WordPress, does use cookies. Cookies are stored data that help websites understand your likes and dislikes. They best identify your preferences to optimize reader experience. For more information on how WordPress uses cookies and what types are used, visit the following link:

Additionally, our blog uses other features that may use cookies. These features include Google Analytics and Facebook and Pinterest like buttons. Google Analytics information is used solely for the betterment of this blog and its contents, gage reader interest, and determine how many people have visited my blog. Information gathered by this source is not distributed.

Our affiliates may use cookies also. Dances with Yarn advertising partners include Google Adsense, For these third parties, I have no control over and am not responsible for cookies produced by these sites. For more information on Google Adsense’s privacy policy and DoubleClick cookies, click the following link:

You have control over your cookies ‘footprint’, and can disable cookies at any time. To do this, check your individual browser settings. More information on browser cookies can be found on their individual websites.

This privacy policy was last updated May 18th, 2016.