Glossary of Terms includes various terms from crocheting, knitting, yarn, etc. These terms are accompanied with a definition, image, and link to important related articles. See the alphabetized glossary below.

Ball of Yarn – [how some yarn is packaged] Circular conglomerate of yarn, typically sold in large chain craft stores (but this is not always the case). A ball of yarn is typically un-wound from the outside.

Corner to Corner (C2C) – Corner to Corner is a technique used to make pixelated blankets. Utilizing a special square stitch, you can create large rectangular blankets. Find an excellent C2C tutorial here.

Ergonomic – Ergonomic is an adjective used to describe reducing pain or injury. In the crochet industry, ergonomic is used to describe a particular style of crochet hook. Ergonomic hooks are utilized to relieve stress and pain in your hand while holding your hook. Popular brands of ergonomic crochet hooks include Clover and Addi. You can also purchase handles that you can attach to your hook to make it more ergonomic (Boye sells one style of these). Check out my tutorial on how to make your own ergonomic crochet hook here.

Frogging – When you frog a project, you un-ravel your project far enough to remove and fix mistakes in your work. It is called frogging because you rip it, rip it, rip it.

Hank – [how some yarn is packaged] Big loop of yarn that is typically wound into yarn cakes.

Niddy Noddy РThis T-shaped tool is used to create hanks. These hanks can be wound into balls of yarn called cakes. Make your own Niddy Noddy following these instructions.
Niddy NoddySkein – [how some yarn is packaged] Oblong conglomerate of yarn, typically sold in large chain craft stores. A skein can be un-wound from the center or the outside.

Yarn Ball Winder – A yarn ball winder makes yarn cakes out of hanks. The winder can be electric or manual (with a handle you manually turn).

Yarn Cake – A cake is a center-pull ball of yarn that is typically cylindrical in shape. The yarn ball winder can wind yarn into a yarn cake. Yarn cakes are extremely convenient because they are center-pull and easy to store. They stack easily, and are easy to crochet with.
Yarn Cake

Yarn Swift РA yarn swift is a tool used to make winding hanks into balls of yarn much, much easier. Place your hank onto the yarn swift. The swift will spin freely as the ball winder pulls yarn from it. This reduces the chance of yarn tangling as you create cakes. Make your own Yarn Swift following these instructions.
Yarn Swift