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How to Paint DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

DIY Yarn Swift and Niddy Noddy

With the weather getting nicer, I was finally able to paint my DIY yarn swift and niddy noddy! For those of you who know about my PVC yarn swift and niddy noddy, feel free to skip right onto how to paint your DIY yarn swift and niddy noddy. For all of my new readers, check out my tutorials on how… Read more »

DIY Yarn Swift: How to Make Your Own Yarn Swift

A yarn swift is a rotating device that is used in the process of winding yarn. The hank is placed on the yarn swift, and it then rotates as the yarn is being pulled off and wound on the ball winder. There are some pretty creative ways to make your own yarn swift (I found a blog that used a… Read more »